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2018 Sponsors

We appreciate the generous support of our sponsors without which this event would not be possible:


Diamond Sponsors

Crane Currency

Crane Currency is a fully integrated supplier of secure, durable and well-designed banknotes for central banks all over the world. 

A pioneer in advanced micro-optics technology, Crane Currency offers an endless series of engaging visuals effects on a banknote to increase the level of security and public trust.

Customers can benefit from Crane’s combined expertise in design, paper and printing processes – and a culture of knowledge sharing and long-term partnerships.

With its heritage in the USA and Sweden for over 200 years, Crane Currency is today a global company and a trusted partner of more than 50 central banks.


De La Rue

De La Rue’s purpose is to enable every citizen to participate securely in the global economy. As a trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organisations, De La Rue provides products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods.

As the world’s largest designer and commercial printer of banknotes, De La Rue designs, manufactures and delivers banknotes, banknote substrates and security features to customers in a world where currency will continue to be a key part of the developing payments eco-system. De La Rue is the only fully integrated supplier of both paper and polymer banknotes, and creates security features that ensure banknotes are protected against counterfeiting.

De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial printer of passports, delivering national and international identity tokens and software solutions for governments in a world that is increasingly focused on the importance of a legal and secure identity for every individual.

De La Rue also creates and delivers secure product identifiers and ‘track and trace’ software for governments and commercial customers alike to help to tackle the challenge of illicit or counterfeit goods and the collection of revenue and excise duties.

De La Rue is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LON-DLAR).



Founded in 1852 as a firm of specialist printers, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has evolved from its traditional beginnings into an important international group of companies.

Today G&D prints banknotes and securities, and supplies security paper and banknote processing equipment, as well as complete identification systems and cards and card systems for electronic payment and telecommunications.

Throughout the company's history, it has consistently pioneered the use of innovative technology. Security and competence are the international high-tech group's watchwords. Its customer-focused products, systems and services make G&D a reliable partner for all organizations needing to solve complex problems in security-related fiel



KBA-NotaSys is regarded as the main driver of innovation and excellence within the high-security printing industry.

Working hand in hand with our clients and partners, we have continuously elevated the art of high-security printing to new levels.

By listening to our clients’ needs we have expanded our range of products and services to meet the ever-changing challenges of our market.

Today we offer a unique range of products and services to authorised security printers and central banks enabling them to design, produce and issue banknotes and security documents according to their specific and individual needs.


Oberthur Fiduciaire

A trusted partner and global security expert serving its clients since 1842, Oberthur Fiduciaire is one of leading private security printers in the world, now serving 70 countries. Oberthur Fiduciaire is a specialist in the design and production of banknotes, associated security features, and secure documents. Oberthur Fiduciaire’s know-how and expertise, integrity and trust, have long been recognized by central banks and governments across the world. The company is headquartered in Paris, has offices in London, and two manufacturing sites in France and in Bulgaria.



SICPA is the leading global provider of secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services.

At the core of SICPA’s security expertise are high-technology security inks that protect the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud.

SICPA’s Security Solutions Division integrates ink-based features and sophisticated digital technologies in its modular SICPATRACE® platform to offer solutions and services to governments. The platform provides tracking and tracing functionality and has a strong focus on authentication and tax reconciliation.

Today, the company has successfully implemented numerous systems ensuring production monitoring, the traceability of products and securing excise tax and VAT collections throughout the world.


Gold Sponsors


Founded in 1923, Komori’s design concepts have originated from the needs of our users and all our efforts have been devoted to customer satisfaction. The management principle of Kando - ‘beyond expectations’ - drives Komori to adhere to its origins and produce products of superior quality and reliability.

With equipment used in over 60 countries, Komori is recognized as a leading supplier with an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of printing machinery. Komori has been developing and manufacturing banknote presses since its first dry offset press was developed and delivered in 1958.

The printing of banknotes, and high security documents, requires the careful synthesis of many printing systems and technologies. By utilising our vast printing knowledge and technical skills, Komori has developed a range of products to service this exclusive market.

Komori, as the only security press manufacturer in Japan, has always played a central role in the development of banknote presses. Building on extensive experience gained through installations at the National Printing Bureau of Japan, Komori began exporting banknote and security presses during the 1990’s.

Today our customers world-wide are experiencing Kando through the successful operation of their Komori machines. We are proud that the Currency Series of presses symbolizes Komori's leadership in the development of printing technology.



Landqart AG is the Swiss manufacturer of high security cylinder mould banknote and passport paper, the innovative new Durasafe® composite banknote substrate, and other overt and covert security solutions.

Landqart AG is the sole banknote substrate supplier to the Swiss National Bank for the Swiss Franc, and an approved supplier of the Euro.

Durasafe®, the new paper-polymer-paper banknote substrate, and Irisafe®Micro, the multiple iridescent strip security coating system, have firmly established Landqart AG as a major innovator in the industry.

Landqart AG is a global player in the Banknote and Security Paper industry with a combined security paper capacity of 10,000 tonnes.

Landqart AG maintains a sharp focus on innovation while delivering consistent and reliable quality you can trust.



Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) is a company with over 90 years of experience as a producer on the securities market.

We offer our customers modern, well-secured products and high quality services.  These include banknotes, passports, identity cards, security documents, excise tax bands and postal stamps - as well as plastic cards and electronic services.


South African Mint

The South African Mint is the continent’s leading manufacturer of legal tender coins, as well as commemorative and rare collectible coins. With over 100 years’ experience in supplying symbols of value to the African and global markets, we pride ourselves in delivering products that represent our commitment to uniquely African design and supreme craftsmanship.


We collaborate closely with our customers to develop distinct and durable monetary products that capture and preserve the heritage and pride of a nation. The South African Mint is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), established in accordance with the SARB Act.



Silver Sponsors

CCL Secure

CCL Secure (formerly Innovia Security) is the supplier of Guardian™, the world's most advanced banknote substrate, which has been issued on more than 55 billion banknotes.

The company is a trusted partner to central banks worldwide who use Guardian™ polymer substrate to transform their currency’s performance via dramatically lower counterfeits, greater durability leading to significant cost savings, a cleaner note handling experience for the public, and 100% recycling of used banknotes.

Our unique PolyTeQ Services division, headed by a team of former central bankers and printers, partners with central banks and banknote printers to achieve the successful transition to Guardian™ polymer banknotes and to harness the ongoing benefits, through technical advice, information and support.

These advisory services were acknowledged in 2017 when CCL Secure was awarded ‘Consultancy and Advisory Services Provider of the Year (Bespoke)’ by the leading industry publication Central Banking Journal (CBJ). The Award recognises the company’s suite of advisory services from design through to recycling that effectively mitigates perceived risk for central banks in their transition from paper to polymer banknotes.

Our division Banknote Corporation of America (BCA) is the largest US-based high-security printer. From secured document origination, identification, tax stamps, secured labels to personalization and distribution, BCA collaborates closely with governments, clients and technology providers to create an innovative secure product that will fight against fraud and counterfeiting.

CCL Secure is a division of CCL Industries which employs more than 20,000 people worldwide and operates from over 150 production facilities across 35 countries on six continents.



Gleitsmann Security Inks uniquely positioned to provide high security ink solutions to secure currency. GSI has a proven record of providing inks which are in use in currencies around the world, a demonstrated record of continuous development and technological enhancements, an unblemished record of security, and most importantly, in-depth experience working with international security printers and central banks to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of each currency.

Gleitsmann Security Inks is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHS 18001 and GSI has been accredited by the European Central Bank as an ink supplier for printing of Euro banknotes.


The Royal Mint 

The Royal Mint is the world’s leading export mint, supplying approximately 5 billion coins and blanks to over 40 countries each year. We are the trusted partner of more governments and central banks than any other mint, delivering high-quality products that help our customers achieve more value from their currency.

Continuous improvement and innovation underpins The Royal Mint’s approach and helps us enhance and re-define our product and service offerings. We have a wealth of experts in all areas of coin and blank production and delivery, and we are the only mint to provide a comprehensive week-long Coin Management Training Programme.

The Royal Mint has specialised in mono-ply plated steel for the past 30 years, supplying over 70 countries. Independently verified by Fraunhofer, Europe’s largest independent research organisation, our mono-ply plated steel coin and blank product lasts up to five times longer than plated products from some other export mints.

We provide proven expert advice and consultancy on all aspects of currency, including cash-cycle strategy, specification, design and production, tooling, coin reclamation programmes, cash-management services, counterfeit detection, mint build and refurbishment.

Its large-scale production facilities, located on one constantly guarded 35-acre site, include everything from the production of coinage blanks to the striking of the finished coins. Our ISO 9001, 14001, and 50001 and SA8000 accreditations demonstrate commitment to quality, the environment, energy management and a safe workplace.

The Royal Mint. Established for Tomorrow


Bronze Sponsors

In-Core Systèmes

In-Core Systèmes based in Saint Priest France, is a leading technology company who made a name for itself for more than 18 years now in the specific field of vision inspection solutions.

In-Core Systèmes,  as a proven inspection system designer and   manufacturer who serves security paper industry for more than 12 years now, combines quality assurance of both incoming security materials and production processes at the security paper making and security printing levels to get production right for applications on banknotes and secure products.

In-Core Systèmes’ portfolio includes modular turnkey global inspection and measuring solutions for 100% quality monitoring of paper material and security features applied and full adaptable  traceability solutions to track and trace from stage zero to delivery, banknotes and secure products, along the entire production with  lately extension to final banknote acceptance checking.


Jura/PARVIS Systems

Jura offers the following products:

  • Graphic software packages – for intaglio and offset design of all security documents:
  • High-resolution CTP – the most modern devices for producing offset plates
  • Direct Laser Engraving (DLE®) – the state-of-the-art intaglio plate-making technology
  • Covert security features – protection of banknotes and other high-security products
  • Personalization – unique patented solutions to protect photo ID documents
  • Pre-press QC – total security quality control including 3D plate checking
  • Brand protection – track & tra



KURZ is a major international supplier of thin layer technology and digital solutions with more than 4,700 employees, as well as 12 production facilities, 24 international branch offices and distributors located throughout Europe, North- and South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Pacific region. This worldwide presence implements the requirements of every single customer to provide the ideal full-service solution.

KURZ’ security solutions have used foil to protect tax stamps, banknotes and documents against counterfeiting and manipulation for over 30 years. National banks, government organizations and their suppliers in more than 100 countries rely on our experience in security technology. The combination of optical technology, security foil technology (e.g. partial metallization) and additional components provides superior protection against counterfeiting. These optical security labels can be combined with the web-based TRUSTCODE® identification system and marked with a unique identifier for mobile verification.



Security Inks are a highly effective and cost-efficient method of protecting fiscal stamps against fraud.  Luminescence’s ink systems can be employed to easily detect counterfeit stamps, either by the consumer or using simple devices, and can also be used to implement highly secure tracking systems. We produce security inks for offset, intaglio, flexo and inkjet/variable printing.  Please visit us in the exhibition area to discuss how we can help make the fiscal stamps you produce more secure.


Orell Fussli

Founded in 1519, Orell Fussli Security Printing is a leading provider of security technologies, security products and solutions for identifications documents and systems, banknotes, and secure documents.

Orell Fussli Security Printing began printing securities as early as 1827 and has been supplying banknotes incorporating state-of-the-art security technology to the Swiss National Bank since 1911.

Since then, Orell Fussli Security Printing has continually tested technical innovations and developed unique new techniques and security features

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to offer our customers the full range of products and services, from basic concept to the design and the printing of banknotes. With its superb infrastructure, Orell Fussli Security Printing can fully exploit all security printing technologies either on paper or polymer substrates

Banknotes must meet toughest security standards, and the development, production and issuing of banknotes has become a complex and demanding task.

Since we know how to meet these standards in a customised way, we are the ideal partner for such projects.


Schmid Ryner

Founded in 1880, we have been one of the world's leading manufacturers of UV curing / water-based products since 1973. Our portfolio focuses on effective level 1, 2 and 3 security features, on the one hand, and on products whose added value derives from the enhanced life in circulation of the banknote, on the other. When we develop a new product, we aim at combining maximum security with maximum efficiency. 

Our main brands are WESSCO® U.R.T. and WESSCO® Protector for UV curing systems and GALCRYL® U.R.T. and GALACRYL® Protector for water-based versions.(No Bio)


WTG Water Treatment GmbH

WTG is an engineering company and trading company for industrial goods.

Our employees have decades of experience in the field of treatment plants and industrial plant construction. This both in the planning, the execution and the site supervision.


7 Layer

Established in 1999, 7 Layer is a dedicated systems house specialising in software application development solution projects for the cash logistics sector and has been profitably trading for 17 years. We know our industry, but are also experts in the development of software, priding ourselves on creating imaginative solutions.