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Tours & Excursions

Get more from your visit to Zimbabwe by booking some of our activities and excursions offered. Zimbabwe is famed for its wildlife, and the Zambezi river is surrounded by national parks to explore. Take advantage of this natural splendour by booking one of the below trips, either before or after the conference begins. Advance booking is essential for these trips and additional fees apply. Full details will be provided in your registration pack.

Safari Visits

Chobe National Park Day Trip

Take part in this day tour to the Chobe National Park on Thursday 6 September. The park is just over the border in Botswana and host to an abundance of wildlife, offering an outstanding safari opportunity. Buses will depart at 07.30, cross into Botswana by around 08.00, then delegates will have a full day (including lunch) in the park before returning to the hotel at around 18.00.

Morning or afternoon game drive

Explore the Zambezi National Park, located just 5 minutes from the town of Victoria Falls. The drive will take you through the African bush in open-top four-wheel-drive vehicles to meet the local wildlife.

Social Partner Options

A number of excursions are available throughout the event for attending social partners.

Elephant Encounter (AM or PM)

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage has been a safe-haven to a myriad of orphaned and injured elephants since its conception in 1992. This trip will give guests the opportunity to unobtrusively interact with some of the biggest personalities in Africa, in a pristine environment overflowing with raw natural beauty. 

Art & Elephant encounter

This trip is a unique elephant experience that is brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by the African bush. After interacting with the “models”, guests will make their way down to the adjacent waterhole and mud wallow where under the shade of an enormous Mopane tree they will find a chair and easel. Soon, white sheets of paper will be transformed into a canvas with a glorious blue sky, sunshine, yellow, brown or green grass and of course elephants.

Meet the People

Visit an authentic village and experience rural life first hand. Guests are taken to an authentic rural village approximately 20km from Victoria Falls town where they are given the opportunity to watch local villagers going about their daily tasks.

The Art Village Tour

Guests will be shown various aspects of Ndebele life, from family and community, to farming techniques, cattle kraals, and the history of the different buildings and their designs. This will be led by chief Mpisi himself. Then a local artist, who’s also the son of the chief, will provide a peek into the life of an African artist, speaking of his experience and inspirations, and embark on a workshop in his outdoor studio.

Thrill Seekers and Adventurers

Make sure to experience the wild side of life in Zimbabwe with these high-octane activities.

Helicopter Ride (Long or Short)

Two different helicopter trips are on offer - taking off from a helipad 30 minutes from the hotel, delegates can either opt for the 13- or 25-minute flights, taking in the majestic Victoria Falls and surrounding scenery.

Victoria Falls Canopy Tour

Observe the riverine forest from a variety of different vantage points – from above, below and within the canopy itself. The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour offers a network of slides, trails and rope bridge walkways within the canopy of the hardwood forest of the Zambezi gorges.

Flying Fox, Zip Line, Gorge Swing & Bungee Jumping

Slide, zip, swing or plummet over the falls if you choose to take on one of these professionally organised activities. The chasm offers a chance for the more adventurous among us to soar at over 100km/h from the top to the base of the falls.

Canoe Trips & White Water Rafting

Get physical with a day out on the Zambezi - you can either canoe the upper portion of the river, or take on the Grade 5 rapids in a white water rafting experience. This adrenaline rush is not to be missed!

Bookings & Reservations


Please note that advance booking and an additional charge apply to all of the activities listed above - more details are provided at the time of registration, including full descriptions of all activities, prices and a booking form. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions on



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