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The 2014 Programme

Over 40 presenters shared their experience at the 2014 event in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Sunday 16 November

  • Currency Indaba for central banks
  • Visit to Table Mountain and drumming circle 
  • African dinner and entertainment   

Monday 17 November

Session 1: The Future of Cash, King or Servant

  • How Currency and Mobile Payment Connect (Ralf Wintergerst, Giesecke & Devrient)
  • Growth in Various Payment Systems in Emerging Markets (Margaret Olivier, South African Reserve Bank)
  • Global Payment Trends (Genie Foster, International Association of Currency Affairs)
  • The International Role of the US$ and its Presence in Africa (Michael Lambert, US Federal Reserve Bank)

Session 2: Expert Topics on Best Practice in Banknote and Coin Production

Session 3: Introducing a New Banknote Series 
Panel Discussion: Planning, Selecting and Introducing a New Series
What We Did and What We Learned

  • The New Canadian Banknotes Series (Richard Wall, Director of Currency, Bank of Canada)
  • Nigerian Naira Commemorative Centenary Banknote as a Digital Paper Banknote (Prof. Thomas Odozi and Joseph Ugbo, Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigerian Security Printing and Minting)
  • Planning, Selecting and Introducing a New Series (Mohamed Faouzi Aloui, Bank of Tunisia)
  • Redenomination of the Zambian Currency (Angela Chileshe, Bank of Zambia)

Session 4: Latest Developments in Banknote Security: Part 1 
Panel 2: Latest Developments in Security Features

  • Level 1 Security Features and Motion® (Eric Ziegler, Crane Currency)
  • Optimal Security Feature Integration (Bernd Kümmerle, Giesecke & Devrient)
  • Dualtrack® (Florian Demaimay & Antony Duckels, Oberthur Fiduciaire)
  • Advanced Technologies in Modern Cash (Andrey Kuryatnikov, Goznak)
  • Pixel Technology: Watermark and Thread (Benoit Audy, Arjowiggins Security)


Tuesday 18 November

Session 5: Cash Management in Emerging Markets and Advanced Economies

  • The Clean Note Policy in Morocco: Strategies, Actions and Score-Carding (Amal Yacine, Bank Al-Maghrib - Dar As-Sikkah)
  • Cash Processing in the Bank of Russia (Vladimir Demidenko, Bank of Russia)
  • Everfit®: Re-writing The Script for Low Denomination Paper Banknotes (Emmanuel Devaux, Banque de France)
  • Cash Management Developments in Africa (Guillaume Lepecq, Agis Consulting)
  • Monitoring the Performance of the New Jamaica Banknote Series (Norbert Bryan, Bank of Jamaica)

Session 6: ID - Its Growing Role in Currency

  • Developments in ID: The Ascendancy of Polycarbonate for Secure Cards and Passports (Nkululeko Nxasana, Gemalto)
  • The New SA Smartcard and How ID Works Together with Currency (Prof. Anthony Mbewu, South African Government Printing Works)

Session 7: Latest Developments in Banknote Security: Part 2

  • Designing a Functional Banknote for Africa (Jacqui Thick, De La Rue)
  • Designing KINEGRAM® with Windows in Banknotes and in Government Documents (Case Studies) (Daniel Holliger, OVD Kinegram & Bart Bosma, Leonhard Kurz)
  • SPARK® Live (Abdallah Naili, SICPA)
  • Print is King - Technical Innovaiton to Beat Counterfeiters (Stephen Brown, KBA-NotaSys)

Wednesday 19 November

Session 8: Substrates
Panel Discussion: What is the Right Substrate - Cotton, Polymer or Hybrids?

  • The Case for Polymer (Andrew Bonnell, Guardian®, Innovia and SafeguardTM and Tim Berridge, De La Rue)
  • The Case for Paper (Joe Cassidy, Arjowiggins Security and Nick Pearson, Crane Currency)
  • The Case For Composites: Durasafe® (Antonio Riccio, Landqart)
  • The Case for Composites: HybridTM  - Complementing The Scalable Substrate Portfolio (Clemens Berger, Louisenthal)

Substrate Developments - Extending Life

  • Aeris- Extending The Life Of Substrates (Jim Cherry, Spectra Systems)
  • Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial Treatments (Florence Debray, Intace

Session 9: Expert Topics on Best Practice in Banknote and Coin Production

Session 10: Developments in Notes and Coins

  • The Note Coin Boundary: The Case for Coins (The Royal Mint and The South African Mint)
  • Supply Chain Developments in Currency Management (Deon van Zyl, South African Bank Note Company)
  • Quality Management Throughout the Banknote Cycle (Sebastien Perret, South African Bank Note Company)

Session 11: The Challenges - Counterfeiting and Technology

  • Beating the Counterfeiters (James Anderson, INTERPOL)
  • The Case for Cash: Dispelling the Myths (Richard Haycock, Currency Research)


...august speakers, exhibitors, social events and delegates which resulted in the finest and goal orientated discussion.

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