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Programme 2016

Over 45 presenters shared their experience at our 2016 event in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Monday 21 November

  • Welcome Address from Central Bank of Egypt  |  HE Gamal Negm, Deputy Governor
  • Welcome from the Association |  ​Joyce Kumbirai, President
  • Keynote Address - Cash Developments in Africa |  ​Francois Groepe, South African Reserve Bank

Session 1 | Cash In Focus

  • Cash Essentials: Beyond Payments: When Cash Meets FinTech?  |  Guillaume Lepecq, AGIS Consulting
  • Criminal Threats to the Integrity of Currencies  |  Malik Alibegovic, INTERPOL
  • The Core of Cash - Choice and Inclusion for All  |  Barna Barabas, International Currency Association
  • The Evolving Role of the ATM in Africa  |  Andrew Dean, ATMIA

Session 2 | New African Currency Series

  • Security, Longevity, Unity - Liberia's New Series  |  Central Bank of Liberia
  • Exchanging Sudanese Banknotes  |  Abdelkarim Abdelhamid Elfadul, Sudan Currency Printing Press
  • Title to Be Confirmed  |  Mamokhali A Shale, Central Bank of Lesotho

Session 3 | Developments in Banknotes

  • Latest Developments in Foil Security Features for Windowed Banknotes  |  Ian Smith, Leonhard Kurz
  • Setting the Stage for Banknote Durability  |  Gianni Santoro, SICPA
  • Banknotes for Africa - Attractive, Robust and Functional  |  Andrew Forbes, Louisenthal
  • From More Science to More Confidence  |  Marzena Sadecka, SURYS
  • The Perspective of Central Bank of Egypt Print Works  |  Khaled Hasabala, Central Bank of Egypt Printing Works

Session 4 | Breakout Sessions


  • The Coin/Banknote Boundary - Making Sure that Issuing Authorities Have the Right Information to Make an Informed Decision  |  Simon Lake, The Royal Mint
  • High Security Coins as a Cost Saving Opportunity for Central Banks  |  Peter Ho, Jarden Zinc Products 


  • The Latest Developments in Combining Technologies  |  Phil Holland, Komori
  • The Latest Developments in Printing Machinery and Features   |  Fadi Saadallah, KBA-NotaSys

Tuesday 22 November

Session 5 | Developments in Substrates

  • Integrating Substrate-Based Features into Banknote Designs  |  Richard Perera, Landqart
  • Endurance - An Engineered Composite Substrate for Banknote Durability  |  Nick Pearson, Crane Currency

Session 6 | Selecting for Security or Durability

  • Extended Technical Session |  Jonathan Ward and Martin Arkwright, Secura Monde International

Session 7 | Developments in Banknote Printing

  • Capacity Planning and Control of Supply Chain  |  Kaza Sudhakar, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran
  • One Platform, Many Design Options  |  Lachlan McDonald, PolyTeQ
  • Project Management for New Printing Machines for New Technology - Challenges & Key Drivers to Success  |  Ahmed M Youssef Fetyan, Central Bank of Egypt Printing Works
  • Modernisation of the Banknote Printing Factory of the National Bank of Ukraine  |  Anataoli Shevchuk, Banknote Printing Factory of the National Bank of Ukraine

Session 8 | Cash Management in Africa

  • The Observer: An Integral Cash Boxes Handling Solution  |  Kousra Sakr, I.Network Automation
  • The Rise and Fall of Foreign Banknotes in Africa  |  Mark Smith, Travelex
  • Man or Machine: Considering Cash Centre Automation in Africa  |  Mark Trevor, Vaultex
  • Cash Centre Project: From Planning to Implementation  |  Millison Narh, Bank of Ghana
  • The Use of Self-Service Technology in Financial Transactions for the Banked and Unbanked  |  
    Prof. Thomas Odozi, Joe Ugbo and Laka Usman, Nigerian Security Printing & Minting

Session 9 | Breakout Sessions


  • Track and Trace and Quality Control from Design, Production and End-User Point of View  
    Barna Barabas, Jura Group
    Paolo Salgari, Parvis
    Laszlo Baliko, Hungarian Banknote Printing Company


  • Engaging with the Public - A Demonstration of Some of the Latest Tools and Tactics Used by Central Banks to Educate the Public on New Notes and Coins
    Astrid Mitchell, Currency News


Wednesday 23 November

Session 10 | Improving Security; Controlling Quality and Costs

  • In Search of the Truth  |  Deon van Zyl, South African Bank Note Company
  • How Africa Has Saved Money  |  Ceri Thomas, The Royal Mint
  • Criteria of Selecting Proper Specifications  |  Ahmed Assaid Abdel-Razek, Central Bank of Egypt
  • Banknote Design and Security Considerations for Unattended Payment Systems  |  Romain Leonarduzzi, Crane Payment Innovations
  • Banknotes Quality Management at Dar As-Sikkah  |  Yacine Amal, Dar As-Sikkah

Session 11 | Design, Security and the Public

  • Public Fund Technical Efforts for Combating Counterfeit Banknotes  |  Mostafa Khidr, Egyptian Ministry of Interior (Public Fund Investigations)
  • Selecting Banknote Security Features  |  Martin Patterson, De La Rue
  • New Generation of Security Features Based on Public Knowledge  |  Evgeny Veselov, Goznak
  • Polymer - A History of Performance and Security Around the World  |  Andrew Bonnell, Innovia Security


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