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Welcome from Khaled Farouk

Welcome to the official website of the African Currency Forum 2018! This is the 20th conference to be organised by the Association of African Banknotes and Security Documents Printers (AABSDP).

Building on the success of both the South African and Egyptian events, the 2018 African Currency Forum will welcome central banks and their printing works and mints, government secure document issuers and security printers, along with industry suppliers. Apart from AABSDP members, Fidelity Printers, along with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, specifically will be inviting delegates from the 42 African central banks and 15 African national banks as well as selected guests and speakers from a number of central banks and institutions outside the continent.

The principal theme of the African Currency Forum is ‘Improving the Security and Cost-Effectiveness of Currency’. With this in mind, the programme will include presentations, break-out sessions and panel discussions aimed at arming delegates with information for making the best decisions on specifying, procuring, processing and managing notes and coins in circulation, as well examining new forms of payments and identity.

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